Why ClickBank?

  • ClickBank clients have earned over 1.8 billion dollars. It's your turn!
  • Commissions of up to 75% - much higher than other affiliate networks
  • The average ClickBank product sells for $41, and the average commission is $22.50
  • Digital products mean instant delivery and faster commissions
  • No individual contracts required - easy and fast to get started
  • Combined commissions from all your promotions
  • Get paid more often - weekly payments and direct deposit available
  • Accurate commission tracking
  • Promote almost anywhere in the world

Why "ClickBank Ads" + ClickBank?

  • ClickBank Ads displays keyword-sensitive, graphic ads on your website or blog for e-Books and other ClickBank products
  • We have collected a unique database of tens of thousands of ebooks from the ClickBank marketplace
  • Automatically turn your website or blog into a retail store for ebooks and other Clickbank products
  • Graphic advertising is more effective than text advertising and much more attractive than blocks of text
  • ClickBank Ads will automatically determine the number of ebooks to be shown depending on the height and width of the banner you select
  • The words from the title of your pages can be used as keywords to select ads for your website, or you can manually choose the keywords
  • To set up, simply place our code to your pages
  • Just 10% of your affiliate ads will be donated to the CBads.com
For WordPress users, we have designed plugin: "ClickBank with Ebook Covers"

ClickBank vendors, - submit your ebooks to our Ads network here.

Ad Formats:

1) Leaderboard: (this example is related to the keyword "Health")

2) Horizontal Carousel (this example is related to the keyword "Fish")

3) Vertical Banner (this example is related to the keyword "Beauty")

4) Vertical Carousel  (this example is related to the keyword "Abdominal")

5) Rectangle (360 x 420)  (this example is related to the keyword "Diet")

6) Custom (240 x 880) (this example is related to the keyword "Cats")

Earn up to 75% Commission On Every Sale!

You can sign up for FREE and start making money right away. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

1. Set up your affiliate account

  • If you already have a ClickBank username, go straight to Step 2.
  • If not, just click here to sign up. ClickBank will ask you for your contact information, a nickname, and a password. Don't worry, it's FREE!

2. Put the following code into your site:

Get Code:

Your clickbank ID:


Ad Format:






For WordPress users, we have designed plugins: "ClickBank with Ebook Covers"

3. Check Your Stats

To determine how much money you are making with our affiliate program, go to https://www.clickbank.com/login.htm. Be sure to bookmark that web page, because you will be using it often. Simply sign in with your affiliate ID.


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