How are the ads ordered?

We show most relevant ebooks related to your keywords or to your page or post title.

What if I don't have a Clickbank affiliate ID?

You can get one by following this link  and filling out the appropriate form. Don't worry, it's FREE!

How do you make space on my website for the ads?

It works like Google Adwords. The code will make a space on your page for the ads, and insert them automatically.

Why don't I see my own affiliate ID 100% of the time?

The CBAds.com author's affiliate ID gets cycled through 10% of the time. This way, 10% of your ads will be donated automatically to the CBAds.com. In addition to providing the code to make this possible, cbads.com pays for two fast servers to store ebook cover images.

How I can check Cbads.com for Scam... You can get more then 10% from all sales...

Our code is open and available for viewing. You can check it anytime; just click on "View page source" in your browser. When you click on any ebook, it will take you to the ads_visit.php page. Once there, you can view the ads_visit.js script, which is used to rotate you ClickBank ID (90% of the time) and our ClickBank ID (10% of the time).

The hoplink from the ads_visit.js file is calculated using the following formula:

here:  cb - variable with your ClickBank ID
s - second from current timestamp
artdhtml - our ClickBank ID
- ClickBank ID of the ebook seller
tid=cbadscom - ClickBank Tracking ID. All sales generated by our ads are marked with TID=cbadscom
% - "modulo division" operator

In this formula:
s%10 > 0 on 1 to 9, 11 to 19, 21 to 29, 31 to 39, 41.to 49, and 51 to 59 seconds - during these times, your ClickBank ID will be used.
s%10 = 0 only on 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 seconds - during these times, our ClickBank ID will be used.

In summary our ClickBank ID, "artdhtml". will be used 10% of the time, and your ClickBank ID will be used 90% of the time.

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